Within a few days, half of our people are infected, our economy is affected and people are suffering from the fear of COVID-19. This might seem a joke to you but things are getting pretty serious out there. And with these drastic changes, people are expected that this pandemic is about evolve the e-commerce business. Do you wonder how? Well, mobile devices are the most popular device for online shopping by a wide margin. And according to world’s global research center, 74% of people make their buying decision based on visiting e-commerce store. So, it is ideal for Shopify partners to come up with creative ideas and attractive marketing campaigns to entice people during these tough circumstances.


During these dire circumstances, both vendors and online buyers are facing a decline in economy’s tsunami. There are millions of consumers creating and reinforcing new online buying behaviors and habits. According to some local reports, many families will permanently stop visiting the store until a cure is launched. In this type of situation people worldwide are preferring grocery, apparel, and entertainment shopping via online e-commerce platforms which is a plus point.

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Juxtapose, this quarantine situation is vividly helping significantly helping e-commerce businesses to ace the market. A recent Morning Consult study was conducted from the Shopify partners and it was discovered that 24% of consumers agreed on the fact that it’s not safe to shop by visiting physical outlets that is why it is ideal if they would get things at their doorsteps.

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Elimination of friction is the key. In this way, your customers no longer have to trade experience for security. Similar to the latest approaches, you can fully-customize the web content, offers, pricing, and promotions and make it flexible according to each customers’ unique preferences. Though you need to make sure that you take an account control and security must do the same as the data control. As a Shopify partner, by customizing the security and flexing other methods, you can eliminate the friction from every online customer’s user-experience. Personalization make on the Shopify partners’ account or for any VIP-level customers require same authentication steps as a new user. And instead of a single account verification, you should go for some excellent and adaptive approach to remove friction from the client’s experience. And the best place to start is by expanding the dataset used for defining adaptive friction approaches by customer, all in real-time.

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According to a modern and an innovative approach to solve this challenge is by using both AI and Machine Learning algorithms to customize every Shopify partners online shopping experiences. And this can be done by reducing friction, identifying and segmenting users based on their common characteristics. This study is commonly known as Kount Control which includes account takeover protection. Are you wondering what makes this a noteworthy approach? Its ability to identify returning customers even if they are logging in as a Shopify partner from a new location or a new device. Instead of simply spamming or instantly blocking their access, e-commerce businesses can give their customers an appropriate login response, such as step-up authentication or unique experience.


In addition to that, Kount Control allows Shopify partners and fraud agents from e-commerce companies to see the health of the logins and take a quick pulse of the number of blocks by challenging the users with failed attempts. By measuring the attempts, the e-commerce sectors can measure the progress of some other known retailers and Shopify partners in the market. And the dashboard is crucial for showing location patterns to analyze logins during specific periods, or even filter on a particular user to identify attempted fraud.

By knowing and understanding the patterns of failed login attempts to access as a Shopify partner, the system eventually helps you to identify and stop credential attacks. You can also do that while helping Shopify partners to improve user’s login and purchase experiences.

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With the change noticed in the behavior of online buyers, millions of e-commerce stores and Shopify partners are evolving their methods of selling and tactics of marketing. The changing customer behavior is heavily falling towards the pocket-friendly and convenient options. Wonder why people are going towards online buying methods? Well, during this pandemic, more time saving and convenience puts a considerable strain on e-commerce and online retailers today. And due to that, they are defining the future of e-commerce where most of them are choosing to remove the friction that stands in the way of turning their one time visitor into a lifelong customer. They are simply starting off with securing online identities, establishing their brand’s name and protecting accounts from takeover control. However, with all these implementations, the behavioral changes are already in motion to completely change the retailing landscape and trading overall even for the future generation. You can also visit Shopifyninja to view similar blogs.


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