Undoubtedly Shopify and Amazon both are pretty known for being the biggest e-commerce agencies across the globe. And you cannot deny the fact that these both apps play a big role in an individual’s buying and selling decision. According to the world’s global stats, 77% of people make their buying decision that is truly based on the attractive visuals on ecommerce websites and advertises.

If it comes to compare both Shopify vs Amazon fba, then you must know they vary due to their offerings and usage. Where on one side Amazon is widely known for a better exposure in the marketplace, Shopify allows both businesses and customers to create Shopify websites with smart features. However, Shopify and Amazon both are considered as strong e-commerce platforms over the major search engines. Even according to a tech report, Shopify even has 820,000 merchants and Amazon comparatively have more than 2 million sellers who are listed to sell their products on a routine basis.

You might be wondering if both platforms are widely known and allows the user to unlock their true potential then who wins the battle to be the giant in the e-commerce market. Well, if you want to know how then below explanation will clear your mind for sure!


Shopify vs Amazon – If you don’t have any idea that what Shopify is then you better know it’s not a platform to sell or market your platform. But Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform that enables you to create an online store that junctures your brand’s marketing. It allows the user to create a fully functional and highly optimized e-commerce website with attractive visuals and interactive features. And the biggest thing is that it is a cloud based platform which gives you an opportunity to make it super operational. Apart from that, you don’t have to pay extra to get new software but your patent cloud system will automatically update it in real-time.



Among other intricate software with intricate user-interface, Shopify has a smart and easy to us module that makes it super-convenient for an individual to use it and get the most out of it. You can even choose multiple designs, templates and formats based on your requirements.

It even has multiple administrative options for Shopify that makes you switch from the defaulted language to your desired one. It also allows you to choose the perfect and convenient payment method with options to accept a variety of other currencies. These types of options make it super easier for people to consult apps for expert services as they outreach people beyond their region, state or language. Selling web develop services on Shopify is the easiest and reliant task to do.

Apart from these benefits, Shopify has a popular function that provides a guide to its usage and offer e-commerce training program so you can view it wherever, whenever. It also has a 24/7 in-house support team which keeps a check on the customers and provide expert consultation in case you need them at any step. You can drop your reviews, talk to the team, present your ideas and operate better. Shopify provides you utmost support and latest tools that helps you entice more audience to your e-commerce platform.

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Amazon vs Shopify – When it comes to a known e-commerce (buying or selling) platform, then nobody can beat Amazon. From feasible pricing policies to on-time deliveries, and selling on Amazon, it make things happen real for you. However, the third-party sellers play a big role. Do you wonder how? Well, Amazon works in a way where it allow both businesses and individuals to market their product or services. The platform even enables the seller to ship things without any delays so you can get your desired things delivered at your doorstep. According to some report, Amazon was also ranked as the worlds most trusted buying and selling platform all across the globe.


Apart from being the biggest buying and selling e-commerce platform, selling on Amazon boosts your online presence within real-time. You can target your niche market and unlock your audience’s true potential by making sure it’s easier for your customers to see you across the SERPs. From the global stats report of 2018, 54% of people started to buy products straight from Amazon without any worries. This change might have cause due to their convenience or the product quality but it worked really well.

In the modern era, people prefer peace of mind over anything and that is why they prefer online platforms that deliver things directly to their doorstep and Amazon, being the best e-commerce is vividly helping both buyers and sellers meet. All buyers and sellers are united under a single platform where they both are receiving benefits. Where sellers can pitch their deals conveniently, buyers can get the one that fits their budget, requirement and usage.


Whether Shopify vs Amazon, they both have a certain criteria that allows them to charge accordingly. Their pricing options vary with the basic, standard and premium packages. If customers want to get their things with fine services than the basic package is the one they need. However, if you want to add additional features or get something better and durable than the standard package works perfect. In case you want extra polishing and need absolutely amazing features or get sustainable products then Amazon is an ideal platform for you.

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When it comes to choose the right e-commerce platform than you must know by now that both platforms might considered as an e-commerce platform but they serve different functionalities. Where one side Amazon is a buying and selling platform, juxtapose Shopify is an e-commerce site building app. You don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other, you can simply integrate both. If you want to sell something as a third-party seller then there is no better platform than Amazon but if you want to create your own site and sell then better go for Shopify.

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