Creating a website has never been an easy task, thanks to the modern content management system (CMS). With the usage of the appropriate platform, you can have access to the functionality that can enable the process to be much smoother. Indeed, there are loads of CMS available to choose from, every CMS platform has its cons and pros.

It’s not a hidden secret that we have big fans of WordPress and for good reasons. There is no doubt that the majority of CMS users choose WordPress as their first choice, which makes WordPress the most popular website platform in the world. In this article, you will come across the top 10 perks of WordPress for which you are recommended to choose WordPress for your next website. We have covered huge ground for this, so let’s get to it!

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1. It’s Open-Source Software

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Do you think that open source software is the new term for you? But it gets through lots of development circles but obviously, if you are not part of that world you may not know much about it. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

It refers to a couple of things:

The first point refers to its free availability; open-source software is free of cost, which means you can consider it for different kinds of projects you want. It may be commercial or for any other use.

  • You can personalize it the way you like. You are allowed to look under the hood of the CMS with WordPress as you can update just concerning any kind of it. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.
  • The open-source nature of WordPress is one of the key perks that is the huge community of developers making new tools for it.

2. It’s The Most Popular CMS GloballyUntitled 3 300x117

There are numerous websites out there and WordPress covers over 30% of them. More than 500 new WordPress go live every day and these numbers are getting increased with each day passing. With such a giant user base, you can be certain that developers of WordPress are not going anywhere at any time. That means selecting this CMS makes sure that you will always have access to the latest updates that help you to make your site more protected and insert new features to it.

Additionally, there is a big community of developers associated with the WordPress ecosystem. For instance, you are allowed to access over 55000 plugins for free at WordPress .org. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

Similarly, you have an arsenal of thousands of themes to select from, which provides you with complete control over your website site.

3. WordPress  Can Handle Any Type Of Project

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Have you heard that WordPress is a blogging platform? That is not technically incorrect, but the way CMS is established also means that you are allowed to use it for all sorts of projects. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

For example, WordPress helps you to grow your business, develop virtual classrooms, make forums, go to social media platforms, or strengthen pretty much any other kind of project you can imagine. No matter, you own a small business; you can make an online store with WordPress.

4. Know That WordPress  Is Simple To Use

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This is one of the best perks of WordPress; it is pretty easy to learn. No matter if you have never dealt with the CMS or constructed a website before. Starters are welcome; to get started, just need to begin with the selection of the theme, perhaps install a plug-in or two, and then jump right into making pages and other content. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

Therefore, the best thing about WordPress is that you always have room to make your platform more customizable. Once you are done with the hang of it, you can begin executing the latest functionality to increase complete control of how your website looks. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

Even for talented web developers, WordPress has many more to offer. It offers a foundation you can iterate on more instantly which is far more effective than making efforts to build a website from scratch.

5. There’s An Enormous, Welcoming WordPress  Community

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We have already discussed how popular WordPress is in statistics. Therefore, it is also worth knowing that there is an amazing community of people who consider the platform and not just developers.

You can easily sign up for the network with other WordPress influencers as these are global events and listen to the most experienced people working in the field. In the same way, a quick search will provide thousands of online communities created around WordPress itself. That means that if you ever have any questions regarding using WordPress, there will be plenty of people available to answer your queries.

6. WordPress  Allows You To Scale Your Website Easily

If you are the developer then you must know that scaling a website is one of the most challenging aspects of running a website. The more traffic you get with publishing the more content. the bigger the difficulty becomes on your CMS. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

Selecting a good quality web host is prime for scaling your website and ensures it always feels fast. Undoubtedly, WordPress plays an important role. For instance, strengthening some of the most famous websites, so you know in advance that scaling will not be a challenge for you.

Do not forget that if you want to keep your website blazing instantly, you will require the right CMS and web host. You will also invest your time to do some maintenance work but the outcomes are well worth the effort.

7. Get Complete Control Over Your Website With Themes And

It’s completely fine if you are new to WordPress  and do not know much about the themes and plug-in, let’s discuss both of them below:

Themes: these are the available templates that can be used to alter the basic design of your website.

Plug-in: these insert the latest functionality and features to your website.

As it is mentioned earlier, there are numerous themes and plug-ins available for WordPress that are available for free and premium. It is one of the important perks of WordPress.

8. Easy Maintenance Of WordPress  Websites

If you have never set up a website before then you may not know that they need a bit of maintenance work. Specifically, with WordPress  you have to keep on top of the following:

  • Managed the comments available on the website if you allow them to enable
  • Getting updates on the CMS as the new version introduces
  • Make sure that your website is completely protected and fully optimized
  • Update themes and plug-in every time you have the options to do
  • Do back up your website very often

Practically, none of that websites takes too much of your time individually, but if you want to save more time of yours, you can always go for a managed hosting service. Managed hosting plans help you manage your maintenance tasks of the website.

In The Nutshell

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WordPress provides an amazing taxonomy system, which allows you to categorize huge libraries of content. With WordPress, you can keep all your blogs organized easily with the issue. WordPress has loads of things going for it. This time the CMS strengthens more than 30% of the web, it keeps selecting new users. In most cases, people go for it as WordPress is easily available with open source. One more thing, WordPress is completely customizable and its themes can allow you to create any type of site you want.

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