Yes, we have the exact answer to your question! Auto versions have come to a long journey in the last years as marketers, educators, writers or journalists realize the perks of delivering audio formats to their readers. We do not have those days anymore when the text to speech could be overlooked based on its robustness. Currently, synthetic voices are used in place of human-read audio and allow publishers to enhance engagement with their content to reach audiences when on the move.

How Does Text To Speech (TTS) Work?

Audio versions are the machine learning models that are trained from human speech. The data of human-read voice is utilized to make neural nets that clone the fabric of the person’s voice. Then these are considered to reproduce the audio with the unique characteristics of the voice. Text-to-speech versions have been used in early AI and customer service.

Usually, TTS plugging uses an embedded audio player at the top of each post that makes the audio version of the article. Most of the time, when a new post is published, the audio edition is generated automatically with the usage of the TTS system. Some companies build their voices whereas some use TTS provided by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Reasons For Using TTS?

To directly focus on the obvious, the audio versions help readers to listen to your content that helps to create the immediate engagement of the audience. The reader can turn to listen while scrolling other pages in their browsers, walk around the block, do the cooking or do some cleaning. According to the data, it has been observed that listeners spend up to four times the content as compared to the nonlistener. Moreover, they are more likely to return again and again.

Following are the three prime audio versions for the WordPress site:

  1. Speechkit

It offers frictionless integrations for WordPress with the various other CMS platforms, additional on enterprise API. The minimal audio player is displayed after the plug-in is installed and the account created. After the publishing of a new post, the audio version appears in seconds. It is specialized in customer vice development and smart text extractions that result in the cleanest text-to-speech available.

  1. AWS For WordPress

With a 3.8 starts rating of AWS for WordPress, is the plug-in from the voice department of Amazon services. It supports the integration of the Polly API with the default audio player. It creates audio versions of new posts as they are published.

  1. Play.Ht

It is another reliable option and uses various auto services that involve Amazon Polly to turn the content into audio. Meanwhile, the plug-in will make an audio version of the post of each article. It has a great arsenal of voices with demos available on its website. Analytics and hosting are included in the paid services of

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