Do you want to create a website that has everything you want for your business? If yes, then you do not need custom coding because WordPress is amazing. It is one of the most robust and easiest ways to present your business on the web. You may find plenty of simpler platforms but not all of them offer the bundle of functionality that WordPress offers. And some platforms can have similar functionalities but those are not beginner-friendly.

WordPress is one of the most ideal tools for companies and entrepreneurs to showcase their arsenal of products and services. WordPress, a content management system (CMS), facilitates search engine ranking and promotes themselves to prospective customers. It allows you to sell your products and services in the shape of eCommerce platforms, helps you to share your written content, or just share the videos and images of your work.

Here is the guide to answer, Why WordPress?

Before diving into the discussion, let’s discuss the things we are going to cover in this blog, beginning with the fundamentals; why choose WordPress, what exactly it is. Then move towards the perks of using WordPress that includes it is free, hassle-free hosting, a huge range of themes, cast, and simple addition to the website, and so on.

Let’s begin,

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Why Choose WordPress?

Not so many reasons to be convinced of the usage of WordPress, but these few are significant enough to understand its value. I have observed that almost all businesses use WordPress as it is the purest form platform. Professionals know the beauty of WordPress.

It’s complex, deep, and has a variety of hidden facets. But the best thing I love the most about it is that it is far easy to use as you can easily work on it if you are a beginner.

Consider it as a race car is your vehicle. If you are professional, you can drive it almost on a track of over 200 mph. But do not worry if you are an enthusiastic amateur as you can still drive it to work. You can be there much faster than the other cars available on the road.

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What Is WordPress?

Are you still wondering “Is WordPress just for blogs?” wonder no more. It is much more than an amazing blogging platform. It is the full-featured content management system that means it is also greater than just a website.

You may have noticed that, unfortunately, most of the business websites show very basic information that tells everyone who you are, the products and services you offer, how to contact, and a few pages regarding what you do. But not more than that because they do not find any other thing more important than that.

A blog is the arsenal of articles and stories arranged in reverse chronological order regarding several topics. It is the user’s diary of sorts that covers numerous topics.

When it comes to the content management system, it does not only let you develop those web pages and write those articles, it makes it simpler for you that you do not need to hire any professional webmaster to do any changes to your website.

Or, being a professional web designer Stephani Warts once wrote;

“Put simply, WordPress is a tool that takes care of the nuts and bolts of publishing content so you can focus on what you want to convey on your website without having to worry about how to display your material”.

That means, WordPress can do much more than blogging, it is very easy to add a blog article as it counts in the category of most basic level. You just need to type your information; insert a few images, hit publish and you are done with it.

User Friendly Ecommerce Platform

When it comes to adding a new page to your website it is far easier too. Everything is the same such as the window where you enter the information, the formatting commands, the interface, and the method to inserting videos. The only difference you will find is when you press publish, it makes a web page, not a blog post. Once you have your hosting space and domain, you can develop your website easily by yourself and later insert blogs articles yourself.

If you want to start a WordPress site, here’s what you should do:

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