Do you think that payment gateway is part of that magic? If yes, then you are not wrong. It works wonderfully to accomplish online orders easily. In this blog, we will discuss what a payment gateway is, how it works, and how PayPal is different from others.
The easiest way to understand the payment gateway is the protected technology that facilitates a connection between your business and customer. Meanwhile, a point of sale terminal at an online cash register looks at a chip of card to make sure the validity of the card, it helps to make sure that payment is legitimate. Hence you are unable to have access to the physical card when processing the online order, the payment gateway allows you to do that work for you such as PayPal.
Why do you need a payment gateway?
If you want to accept credit card payments online or on a Smartphone, you need to have access to a payment gateway, like PayPal. You are unable to verify the payment information of the customer, process payments, and finalize the sale.
If you are working for a physical business only, you may not require a payment gateway. You can get the authority for credit card payment with the usage of a chip reader. But in case you are planning to have a hybrid business that is a combination of online and offline, it can make sense to incorporate a payment gateway into both the real world and the eCommerce checkout process.
A payment gateway connects your website to your merchant account and processing network. Most gateway services like PayPal handle all important credit and debit cards. What creates our gateway dissimilar is the low rates and increases sales promotion from offering PayPal Credit* payment options on your online store.
PayPal Payment gateway perks
A particular low rate
No termination fees, monthly minimums, or other hidden fees so without any delay, get the subscription today.
A first-class fit
PayPal is incorporated with main shopping carts and works with almost every processor. Plus, if you sell overseas, you can accept PayPal payments in 25 currencies in almost 202 countries throughout the world.
Clearer compliance and tracking
PayPal’s solution makes the work simpler and costs more to meet regulatory needs. And you can stay on top of every dollar with the ravishing dashboard screen.

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